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Okay, so I have a Fauxtog of the year award to give out here…This is a friend of a friend who bought a camera and decided to quit her job and become a full time freelance photographer. I have no qualms with anyone who has a dream or wants to learn more about photography, but this girl is just so arrogant it drives me nuts! She is constantly bugging people to “like” her page, posting updates about her photography “biz”, and makes comments on her own work like “this belongs in a magazine!” What makes matters worse is she is HORRIBLE at photography!! Her images are noisy, out of focus, and underexposed and she charges $200 for a sitting fee. I honestly cannot imagine anyone hiring her. Here is some examples of what I am talking about-



Oh, did I mention she hired people to dress up as mermaids for a shoot? Also, I love the comment here-


And the best part about this last one is that I saw the mom of this baby’s FB page and it looks like she hired a different local photographer to take her daughters pictures as well. Maybe she wasn’t as thrilled about the results as she claims to be in her review of the photographer.



Here is the image the real photographer took-


So seriously, I don’t want this girl harassed or anything, I just had to share some of these photography fails!!