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I wonder what thier definition of “Quality” is…. wow!


Single mother of 2, working 2 jobs plus working on her photography business!  She must be one busy woman!

$1 per minute for 10 minute sessions that deliver 4 photos.  $35 for a 2 hour session, for the first 5 seniors sessions!  $20 non-refundable deposit required.

Weddings:  (All day photo session including getting ready, ceremony, couple, individual, group pictures and reception pictures. For a second photographer for your event please add $25.00 to your total balance.  Please note that because of the number of photo’s taken delivery date may take longer than 7 days.)
$50.00 deposit due within two days of booking your session
$75.00 balance due within two weeks of your wedding date

So an all day wedding with second photographer for $150?  No indication of print prices, is it a shoot to DVD deal?  Not much money for a day away from your kids!

Wedding photos are soft, with a lot of noise.

“WOW!” sums it up.