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Update on the pic chick site: Someone called her out on her Facebook page yesterday (someone from here perhaps?) and the comment is already gone today.  Now she has posted on her page that she uses a Nikon D3100.  Wow, bravo, an entry level camera that she probably never takes off of auto and still uses the kit lens.

I think the reason why fauxtogs flock to continuous lighting is because it is substantially cheaper to buy some painters lamps and daylight bulbs than it is to invest in strobes.  And remember, fauxes don’t want to put TOO much of their own money into buying equipment because then they don’t make as much profit off of their $30 “mini sessions.”

I’m not saying that continuous light automatically makes someone a faux.  That’s how a lot of photography students start learning about studio light, and I am sure plenty of pros throw in a continuous light here and there (or rely solely on it) for their shoots.