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Westcott (http://fjwestcott.com/) make continuous lamps for home and for the studio.  In Canada, they only sell continuous lights, or so they told me a couple of years ago when I was looking for strobes.  In the US they sell strobes and continuous lights.  Jim Schmelzer demonstrates the continuous lights at photo shows here.  This is his web page:  http://www.elitefoto.com/.

I have blue eyes and great night vision.  Continuous lights, even the weaker home variety, are too bright, so I don’t like being in front of them.  I have four that I use for some macro and product photos.   When shooting people, I usually use strobes or Speedlites, when I need lights.  Since Westcott don’t sell strobes here, I have Bowens, which I really like.

I don’t think using continuous lights makes you a faux, or that more fauxtographers use continuous lights, even.  If you are shooting a wedding and the couple also has a videographer, you will be appreciated if you can make do with the video lights instead of messing up the video by using flash.  News photographers take a lot of available light photos, I don’t think that makes them fauxtographers, either.