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I personally don’t give a shit how many kids she has and with whom, as long as they are taking care of them and not on the taxpayer dime.  My point was that I have several friends who became MWAC’s after having a couple kids and especially after becoming a stay-at-home mom or being married to a soldier and relocating somewhere they could not find work.  They were fucking horrible, but people told them they should do it because they shot pictures of their own kids in the yard and posted them online, so they were “photographers”.  I was also commenting on her background that led to her becoming a fauxtog and my perception that she has a problem with staying focused professionally/personally.  She was in nursing school, then went to a bank, and now has been a fauxtog for 3 years but only had a “website” one year and has already had at least two business names.  None of that and certainly not her work screams “professional” or that she is dedicated to learning about photography.  To me it screams “I am bored and want something to do; I have a Rebel; being a photographer can’t be that hard.”  Disagree with me if you want on my assessment, but her fauxtography speaks for itself.