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A new fauxtographer has emerged from the depths of Facebook and littered my feed with her horrible work behind the camera “photographing” an acquaintance or two.  Welcome to Edge Photography!


Edge Photography is a typical setup.  Young MWAC (three kids by three different guys) who looks like she went to nursing school, worked at a bank, and then became an owner-operator of a photography business.  Even though she lists working as a photographer since 2011, her FB page didn’t pop up until February 2013.  Here is a picture of this particular faux getting down to business:


She is guilty of all the typical MWAC issues.  “Natural light” only, on location only photography.  If you need light, get ready for the power of pop-up.  She can guarantee blurry shots, out of focus photos, off axis shots for no reason, and no color balance whatsoever.  But at a great price.  Here is one of her latest promotions:

“ATTENTION: The rest of this month is Customer Appreciation Month…book a session this month for 60$. That includes a session with NO time limit, NO outfit limit, NO pose limit and this also includes a CD of ALL edited images with permission to print. Yes you heard correctly, the session is UNLIMITED. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our clients!!”

I guess with that no time limit you could make her stay and shoot all day.  It’ll still mostly be crap though.  If you loved your clients, you might take a couple classes.  Here is what clients have to look forward to.

Uncomfortable poses:


Not being in focus, and barely in the picture:



I love how this shot draws the eye away from the subject and onto the wheat in the foreground:


Looks like she beat the model:



One of my favorites and probably front-page worthy.  Take a very large and pregnant subject, making her beer gut sporting baby daddy poke out his stomach behind her while sitting in the middle of the road, and then to make it “artistic” let’s take 90% of the color out of the picture.  WINNAR!


Glad she threw her watermark all over this kid, because I know people were planning to steal this flat and blurry shot of this kid having a blast at the fire station:


Here is a cute little girl with almost all of the color sucked out of the shot, probably because 75% of the background is totally blown out:


And here is another girl with horrible color issues.  This time she’s green!


This shot is unnecessarily crooked, blurry and the posing is horrible for these two little girls:


While buying new photography gear might be one way to spend your hard earned money, another way is to go hit up the Goodwill for ancient furniture to use as props.  OMG how original and so much better than to buy a sharp lens or maybe a real flash:


Kelly also does nature shots:





Here she is advocating for supporting small businesses:


I’m sure she has her business license and is paying all applicable taxes.

And her last post is asking about doing a wedding.  I could hardly wait to book her!  With her terribly hit and miss on a situation that she totally controls and promises unlimited time to get the right shot, I can’t believe that she hasn’t already shots tens of weddings at reasonable prices.  Ugh.  Can’t wait to see that train wreck posted online!