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I tried the link again, now.  It worked fine!  When I used it the first time it gave “Page not found!” and there was a bunch of garbage mixed into the URL which I had to parse out before I could get to the page.  I thought the link was bad.

Her subjects do spend a lot of time in the bull’s eye.  I think I don’t mind that so much because she has a lot of DOF in most shots.  That’s probably another strike against her in some people’s books.  I don’t have a problem with her backgrounds, generally, so I thought they were acceptable.  A couple had raccoon eyes, which may be a bigger sin.  I don’t think her stuff is awesome, but I think it’s all right.  I didn’t see anything that would earn a spot on the front page here.   By the time costs are subtracted from her fee, it is not a lot for a very long day and probably a week or two of editing and arranging.

Her package includes a photo booth, which could be simple and cheap, or could be standard quality.  A photo booth can cost $1,000, by itself.  Here, there are many vendors that just do a photo booth.  The market offers a total mix.  One vendor offers still photography, plus video, plus a photo booth, but you can also choose a photographer that only does still photos, and another that only does videos, and a third that only does a photo booth — completely a la carte.