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Found this gem tonight. She was asking for critique of her green screen pics on a photography group. People including myself were overly nice in saying that she needs to skip the special effects and work on learning the basics. She retorted with “I went to school for the basics but it seems every time someone hires me to do their pics they want something different.” Then I asked if she was building a portfolio or taking paying clients and suggested she work on building a port for now and she said “I have my own studio.” and deleted the thread. She also said she doesn’t know how to post photos to her photography page so she made a separate personal FB profile with her new business name. She takes pictures of her crappy tube computer monitor running Windows XP with photos of her paying clients and uploads those to her page (profile). And wtf on the name Eyeing Moments… sounds creepy!




MOLTEN LAVA!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=619621784752878&set=a.619614364753620.1073741834.100001151850678&type=3&theater