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They don’t. We had that on my work computer (I work in sales/marketing at a small manufacturing company) when I first started and I insisted to my boss that we buy Photoshop. So we ordered Elements 11 and InDesign CS5 from Amazon, and they accidentally sent us the CS5 Suite instead of just InDesign. Score. I attempted Gimp (GMU) and was like WTF is this junk? I also made them buy me a 60D instead of using the Fuji Finepix piece-of-junk for the product photography.

I’m wondering why she’s randomly having fun editing other peoples’ photos.

I think I found the original photog of this flower photo. I did a google search and the first page or two are of this photo with some Islamic writing on it… so looks like it was already stolen by some Muslims and used over and over. Too bad for the original photog. It’s a nice photo. They should have put a bigger watermark on it. http://mylifethroughthelens.deviantart.com/art/A-Time-for-Magic-II-377276625?utm_source=social&utm_medium=all&utm_campaign=062113_soc_Magic

I contacted him and he replied right away that he’s going to report all these images.