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Sarah’s find “Sharp Shooting Photography” is displaying a number of not very sharp photos!  Problems include subject movement, camera movement and focusing on the wrong place, or focusing then changing the camera to subject distance.

Girlnextdoor’s finds are interesting.  Where do EXIT signs use green illumination?  Ours are red.  I really like the “a photographer with hours and hours of experience”!  I wonder how many hours that is.  The “not professional” photo of the couple dancing is a little dark, if it was shot as a raw file it is easily fixed in ACR, it can probably be lightened enough even if it is a JPEG.  The “professional” photo has a lot more wrong with it.  Yes, the light is off the camera, but the glare off his hair is the most attractive to the eye, and while that gets the eye close to the couple, her face is completely obscured by his head and his face is obscured by his hand!  If I had to print one, it would be a lightened version of the “not professional” photo.

I don’t know if the couple is running through flower parts or really large confetti.  Those photos make it difficult to choose.  Do you select the flash photo and try to bring down the dress to get back the detail or do you select the non-flash photo and brighten it up?

Four photos and none of them with a level camera!  I hope someone at those celebrations took some good photos the couples can enjoy.