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Wow, so Krissy Ann tries to market herself as a photographer AND a model?  I gotta agree with you BEG, she looks REALLY slutty.  Not in a good way, either.  And the photos aren’t good either, her skin is way orange or pink in several, just for starters.  Don’t get me started on the over-use of duck lips and the same damn pose every time, either.

As for the KC guy, I was gonna say, there is no way he is using full frame.  I mean, is it even possible to mess that up that much?  No one spends as much as FF costs to be THAT bad… the D5200 makes much more sense.

AND lol @ Sleeping Giant.  No use of physics in that picture.  And what’s up with the name?  Could these photography “companies” these days have any worse names?  Though my favorite is still White Elephant Photography.