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Finally had a chance to really take a look at this KC guys stuff. Took awhile to get around the quicktime errors which may actually may be an error on my side since I do not install quicktime on my computer. Then I made it to this “Special Effect” gallery and hurt myself from laughing. I guess this guy just happen to get Photoshop/Lightroom (or one of the derivatives) and then starting posting photos using every last one of the filters that came with the program.

I can’t lie and say I never played around with all the filters cause I have. And I think I only have one photo that I liked from messing around with that I kept to hang up. But out of the thousands of photos I’ve taken this year, it is only one photo. And I believe that I have gotten better over the year in taking and post editing my photos. Where as before, I was basically manipulating them. And with that being said, I do not have a gallery set up showing all my failures. Then again, I also have some that are keepers and not all junk.

This is just absolute horrid  http://www.portraitsbyandrekc.com/PBAKC/Special_Effects.html#grid

Has this guy been around long? Anybody know if he is getting any better? Cause I’m not seeing it.