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LMAO… @alarnold I just came here tonight to link Krissy Ann. I too found it via Facebook (one of my photog friends wrote a review “1 out of 5 stars” so I clicked on it and saw all the rigamaroll about the N word. She blocked me from commenting as well after I commented “you’re a fauxtographer with zero class” LOL.

I want to know how she has over 4,000 likes. Must be like ladders or buying likes because her photos are awful… like she has a point and shoot I think. That blog site is hilarious too. I can’t believe how much deep shit that girl is in. I vote everyone goes and comments, messages, and reports her. Heck maybe even contact the IRS on her 😉 Because she’s making soooooo much money just on photography, and it’s her full-time job, I bet she’s paying taxes right?

By the way here’s her “modeling” page. Side note, I don’t have anything against tattoos but my personal taste is this much just looks AWFUL. And that hair. She’s a good-looking girl but to me she ruined her body. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Krissy-Ann-Modeling/184173305021432