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I know a girl that kind of fits that category. She is sort of a cousin of mine, very distant and by marriage, so in reality, probably not actually related at all, but anyway.

She is not a bad looking girl, not great looking, but has the mouth that would make a sailor and truck driver blush. The reason I bring up her looks is that she is much better looking until she opens her mouth and the assemblance of words come out.
She recently started up a new business, thankfully not a photography business. She will drop F-bombs, N-bomb and any other type of ordinance on her facebook page. Now her business has a facebook page and she constantly links her private profile to her business page.
Talking to my mom, who is closer to her than I am, I kept warning her that she really needs to have some separation between the 2 pages, because some people have nothing but time to search things out like this with Krissy girl above.
There is nothing wrong with having a life and doing what you want to do, but you have to remember that you are a reflection of your business.

The thing is that she is no where near a professional. Anyone can have a bad day but lashing out at people especially online, just shows that you are not mature or professional enough to do this or any other business.
In the old days, you could probably get away with this action, since most people did not have much access to spread the word of their negative experience. Now with Yelp, Facebook blogs, Twitter and other sources, you have to be on your A game or suffer the backlash.