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I haven’t been on these boards in awhile because I’ve been on this Facebook group called Newbie Professional Photographers and it’s much, much brutal than these forums and site, and entertaining as well. Anyway, they were bringing up this girl whose photography is really, really awful.  On top of that, she’s just pure trash. She cusses on her business page, calls black people the N-word, and prides herself in starting fights. Anyway, here is the link.



This is so unsafe, I’m surprised her neck hasn’t snapped.  Many people on that FB group page are planning to submit this picture to the moderators.


Wow, this is all wrong on all levels.  She’s trying to be sexy in a very muddy and dirty looking bed of water (lake or river, I’m not sure). And her idea of boudoir is using a stripper pole.



I guess people hate her so much that a person from Canada made the blog about her (and she’s from North Carolina)