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Another faux bites the dust!  This one came to my attention earlier this week via social networking.  Saw a picture, checked her gallery out and it was all over the place featuring the usual suspects of blurry shots, out of focus subjects, improper lighting and more.  Here are a few random selections:


Not sure why she went with the hunched look for this girl.  Very unflattering.  Oh and love how she tried to correct her dutch angle and ended up with grey by the subjects leg on the lower right which she did not fix.


Auto white balance fail.  Also love that background for a wedding bridal shoot.


Her “studio” setup has several glaring problem in my opinion.  First, she has apparently never learned that you should roll up backdrops for storage, not fold them.  Secondly, why is she using CFL bulbs (which I understand are cheaper and easier to newbies as they don’t require triggering) for the light source on stands with shoot through umbrellas that are setup like reflectors?  And does she want them to fall over?  That is the only thing that makes sense as to why she would put the stand legs out just barely far enough to get the base off the ground, rather than extending them fully.


Noisy, blurry, subject soft, dutch angle, wrinkly backdrop, etc.


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think its FBs fault this shot it super blown out.


Looks like the poor child has maggots coming out of her nose.  Maybe she is physically ill at the quality of the photos being taken.


So my inspiration for this shot was I wanted to make her look like an undead tranny.

There is so much more but you can check it out on your own here:


Unfortunately per her last post, the reality of being a business person and not just a photographer has gotten to her and she just posted a couple weeks ago that she was shutting down her photography business.  I guess it was too tough trying to actually make money while giving away photoshoots for likes.  Oh and not knowing how to use your camera probably does not help.  Oh well, One Memory Closer is now being renamed One Less Fauxtog.