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I have a 24-105 f4. It is pretty sharp wide open, pretty much on par with the old canon 24-70 f2.8 wide open but obviously a stop slower. If you compare to either the tamron or the new canon 24-70 it is a lot softer, especially past 70mm. So much softer in fact that most people reckon you are better off using either of the 24-70s and cropping. It seems that on my copy (and on lots of others) it needs stopping down more than one stop over 70mm to maintain sharpness. The bokeh is pretty jittery as well. If you shoot in a studio at f11 it is a pretty good lens and it is a good standard zoom for travelling as it does have more range but more importantly image stabiliser. I think it is a good match with the 6D for what it is designed for, enthusiasts. The 6D takes better pictures than the 5DII when the ISO gets cranked up a bit though, in fact it is even better at really high iso than the 5DIII. But I’m not sure if any of that helps if you can’t nail focus though