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Exactly! I’m glad you guys see what I’m seeing. Lots of distractions in her stuff.

But you’re right, I shouldn’t let it bother me that much. When people blatantly make up stuff and act all crazy it grinds my gears though.

I used a 6D when I 2nd shot one of the weddings recently (provided by the head photographer, he has 11 camera bodies, lol.) My 5DII was on the fritz and it was before I got my 5DIII and he already had all his 5DIIIs spoken for that weekend so he said “Here, use this 6D. I hate this camera and want to sell all my 6Ds. Wanna buy it? lol” I do pride myself in being able to use a totally new camera and figure it out right away, as that was the third time having a new camera thrown at me within days/hours/minutes before a wedding, but man missing the AF points and my favorite joystick was a huge burden. The images were sharp though and it does handle low light quite well. But I’ll stick with my 5DIII.

I have not used the 24-105 lens… but that seems like an awfully long range to be consistently really good and sharp. Can anyone speak on the quality?