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re: that video Bill posted.  I saw that yesterday as well and my mouth just dropped open.  Even if they have pro equipment and are getting good shots which I doubt they are, HOW DISRESPECTFUL.  Not just of the videographer but of the couple, their officant, and their guests, too!  And, okay – if you have to get in the way for one quick shot, do it, but that guy is just all over the freaking place.  Up and down, up and down, up and down.  He’s not even looking what he’s shooting so he’s trying to get it right, checking the camera and clearly got it wrong so try again.  Over and over again.  Other things to complain about — what the heck is he wearing?  A t-shirt??  And she, yes, she clearly has an air of “I’m the professional and I’m the greatest so you can suck it.”  You can just see it in her walk.

Those two have NO CLUE how to even work with each other, let alone someone else (videopgrapher for starters).  An embarrassment to wedding photographers everywhere!  They are actually lucky the officiant didn’t call them out like in that other video that was circulating not too long ago.  If I was the officiant, I definitely would have stopped the ceremony to say something.  The other video – would have to find it – the photographers were also out of line but not nearly like these people, and he told them to get out of the way or something and they argued with him before doing it.

To BEG – try not to let her bother you.  She’s clearly defensive and compensating because she knows you’re right.  If she truly thought you were wrong, she would not have deleted the thread.  She deleted it because she was embarrassed.  However, let it go.  I’d defend myself on the part about the crotch and state that you do not shoot porn, ask her which image, then leave it at that.  She’s never going to openly agree with you.  Maybe offer your services to the couple who had their pictures ruined by that crazy woman!