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Crazy Wedding Photographers

Not sure why the video is not posting, but there is the link

Some of you may have already seen this video making it way around the interwebs. Not sure if it is a fake, scripted or what ever, but it is what NOT to do when shooting a wedding. If you do these , then you are most likely a FAUXTOGRAPHER!!!.

I did not make this video, so please direct your comments about the production towards the YouTube page.

What is going wrong here you may ask.
A lot, but here are a few…

Well if it isn’t obvious, you have 2 fauxtographers and a videographer shooting the same wedding.
– The photographers are shooting every which way to “try” to get that shot, but at the expense of the videographer. The faux’s obviously do not care that they are getting in the way of the videographer in more than 10 occasions.

– The faux’s are appear not to have a game plan down of what shots to catch and who will be in charge to get them.

– I can only imagine, their settings are way off, popping those flashes off left and right then constantly chimping. Some will argue that the flash is for fill, you may be right, but their actions and reactions say that is not the case.
Gary Fong would be proud to see his products being used in such a way to piss everyone off. I don’t know what the light settings were for the church, but going off the video, it appears to be somewhat okay. There is this thing called ISO, use it. You can shoot perfectly fine photos at ISO 1600, Hell I have shot some at 2500 and higher.

– Interfering with the wedding party to get that shot. At 1:34, the male faux gets almost on top of the wedding party shooting over their head, WTF dude.

– Improper equipment. Now it is somewhat hard to see, but do you see a long lens anywhere? I surely did not. What I see are 2 faux’s with short mid-focal length lenses, like a 24-70 or a 24-105. Those these are nice lenses, one of them should of had a 70-200 or something similar so not to intrude with the couple.

– No respect at all! There is more but damn people. These people hired you (hopefully for not much), and your going to walk around snapping photos like you own the place. Have some respect for what is happening around you. Have some respect for the wedding couple, the guests, the video guy/girl, and everyone else.

Like I say, there are way more mistakes being made in this video, what is your take?
And if you see nothing wrong here, then you my friend are a FAUX, hands down!!!