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I am now convinced that Elizabeth is completely crazy. She messaged me accusing me of lying (saying I made up the fact that she asked if she should refund the client and let them find a different photographer- to which I replied she should just offer a re-shoot). Then she said she looked at my work and I recently posted a photo of a girl with her eyes closed (the only ones where a girl has her eyes closed are the ones where she’s kissing) and a woman holding her crotch (which I can’t find anywhere). Possibly she found a different page and thought it was mine, but then she did comment on my “cheap props” are the only thing that makes one of my photos good (It was a wooden X and O and engaged couple were holding up while kissing). The weird thing is she does have some good work too, but everything she accused me of in my photos (every fault) she has done 20x more and worse. I would never hire such an inconsistent photographer.