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People who ask for advice and then get butthurt when you give them respectful CC.


She asked in a FB group why the client was unhappy with the photos and linked this gallery. I said that there were a lot of issues with lighting and shadows. I said honestly I’d offer a re-shoot and try to find a shaded area to avoid the shadows and bright spots, and also that some of the further away shots I would have used a shallower depth of field to bring focus on the couple. I linked a few engagement photos I shot as an example of how to pose couples and also even skin lighting. I got a notification “That is really horrible advice….” but by the time I clicked on it she deleted the thread. LOL. The funny thing is that I found her other work and she does have some very nice stuff mixed with some other pretty horrible stuff. She’s not consistent and I wouldn’t hire her, but I wasn’t at all criticizing her work as a whole. That album was horrible though as was another album on that shootproof site.

If you don’t want honest helpful advice don’t ask, right?