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Not sure where to place this since its hard to find where to navigate to on here. But other than that, pretty great site. I’ve recently been complaining about the fauxtogs in my nearby area. I’m by no means a pro, more of a pretty decent hobbyist, but I find that its sad that these people call themselves “pros” and charge people money for crap.


When I get a chance I’m going to look up some of my locals to post on here. And some are pretty horrible. I’m talking portraits that are so heavily softened that the model’s nose has disappeared. Boudoir that flatters no one and I would kill if I was the model in those. As a matter of fact, I can find that boudoir one real quick.

Here we go  https://www.facebook.com/TinaTilleyBoudoirPhotography

With some of these pictures, I know facebook cannot or will not do this, but I would love to see the exif data and see what alot of these photos were taken with.