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Seth, it may be in the presentation, he does sound a little exasperated.  I just got the message that he wants the viewer to be less lazy, and to at least try what he is suggesting.

Thanks, Bill.  I saw Michael’s “studio” photos, and thought he needs to see something done in a small space.   The other Michael, with wife Emily, who does the Smoking Strobes videos, has done a few videos that used a small space.  He did several videos of women wearing not much.  One was shot using the light from a Mac book monitor and another was shot in a Beijing hotel suite, where he hung speedlites from the ceiling using coat hangers and string to attach them to the heating vents.

Christina Stuart’s photography business must be subsidized.   “Santa is coming to the studio” … “20 Minutes of studio time; 3 Digitally enhanced, high resolution… emailed proofs; 2 Units of printing, not exceeding 8×10 in size; And a 10 minute visit with the jolly guy himself….Santa!; For only $35.00 tax included.; Makes a great gift!”  She is in London, Ontario, so she is a couple of hour’s drive from me.  Ontario has HST, provincial tax is “harmonized” with federal sales tax, so we pay 13% tax on almost every purchase.  The customer’s bill is $30.97 for the photo session including 2 prints and 3 emailed files, plus $4.03 for sales tax.  To be fair, that’s $90/hour for photos of unacceptably low quality based on her Facebook postings.  Typically at the local mall, the photographer has a store or studio in the mall, so the Santa sessions are an opportunity to make some of the yearly rent for mall space.  At our local malls, the children seem to get a couple of minutes with Santa, and their parents get to pay $50 to $300 depending on the package of photos they choose.  Since Santa’s visit is picked up by the mall, children can have their visit and get a candy cane for free, but it does seem the mall photographer’s profit margin is a little higher than Christina’s.

Under Bill and Jean’s Wedding Day…May 25, 2013, she wrote:  “Gorgeous pictures threw out the day, and a lovely setting at the Rose Garden for bridal party shots. Great job.”  I think she meant “Gorgeous pictures throughout the day …”, but I could be mistaken.  I wonder where the day was thrown out, and if the city’s recycling folks would pick it up, or if it had to go to the dump.  I’ve looked through the set of photos and I’m still wondering who did the “Great job”.

I don’t shoot Boudoir, and if I did, I wouldn’t post it to Facebook.  However, thanks to Google and advertisements, it is easy to demonstrate you can make a plus sized girl look very good if you understand light, posing, and photography.  This is the first link Google provided:  http://www.glamorose.com/Plus-Size-Lingerie-s/27.htm?Click=121861&match=p&net=g&dev=c&devmod=&mobile=no&src=searchnet&adid=39020454183&place=&adpos=1t1.