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WOW, I think for the 1st time, I have no words to say for the few examples given above.
The only things that can come to mind for Michael – if your going to use facebook for a means to do photography,you can at least rotate the photos correctly. At least he is not charging, pr at least from what I read.

For the Christina Stuart, ………….

I have done some Boudoir photos and not saying that you have to be a supermodel to pull them off, it helps, but not a requirement. But some people just do not look good doing Boudoir. The ones she did, look like I am thumbing through some swingers clubs, wife swapping or some crazy strange sex photo session, and not in a good way.

I need a bath…..in alcohol or something now.

CC, good link, especially for this reason. Maybe some will take that tutorial and use it wisely.