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I won’t link the girl, because I know her (and she’s a very nice girl), but this girl who has been doing photography for a year or two (well fauxtography) just announced on Facebook that she is quitting her job as a vet assistant and becoming a full-time photographer. She just bought a studio apparently in the back office of some other local business. But she’s never done studio portraits before. She was thanking everyone for their support in this decision. She has a Rebel and a kit lens and every single photo is at a Dutch angle, most are out of focus, and most have exposure and wb issues. She had one recent shoot that were halfway decent but everything else is front-page worthy here. Unfortunately I think she’s going to regret quitting her job. There is no way to just suddenly become a full-time photographer and make money to support oneself on the meager rates she’s charging. I’m not sure how she even gets clients but that’s how it is for all these fauxs. Awhile back I saw she was getting into photography, so I sent her a friendly message with some nice resources for learning. Soon after she deleted me from her friends list (but later requested me again) so I think she might have been sore at me for offering these links. She bought some actions and that was about it.