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Dearie me, I think she has a nose but I can’t be sure https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=475873739194030&set=pb.475866099194794.-2207520000.1383739344.&type=3&theater

Iliketag, interesting company you found, they look professional enough when you first glance at their website but then things fall to bits quickly enough. As for the other “tog”, I’m assuming she is one of the girls with a 1100D or D3100 who’ve started their photography business on boxing day. And who in their right mind would buy a lens the same day as an important shoot? You need a bit of time to get to know the stuff. Chargers and batteries however, they are extortionate, at least for Canon. I know you don’t set the prices but £150 for a bloody battery and £320 for a charger? Now if that isn’t silly I don’t know what is. Fair enough, given the price of cameras the charger and battery goes with it isn’t that big a % but still, for the same price as a new battery and charger I could buy a 700D and still have money left over for a spare battery for it. (If anyone in the UK want to sell me a LC-E4 charger for reasonable money let me know)