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I seriously don’t get how people can pass some of this shit off as photography. It’s fine to call them “pictures” and post them to facebook for all your friends and family to see into your day to day or the events you attend with friends and family… but holy crumpets. Seriously. I can’t think of a word for it other than shit.


The one Fauxfighters posted had me gritting my teeth. I was young and stupid with my camera once… but I never passed my stuff off as pro. I did do a friend’s senior portraits, but his parents paid me only after they decided they loved the shots. I spent hours editing and removing/softening his acne and cloning instead of blurring to make it look natural. Good ‘ol PS7 served me well in those years… but I never slapped a watermark with my name on anything! I shared to facebook photos I took for fun in my own, personal albums. I went on “photo dates” with friends where I would get lunch or coffee and scamper around town practicing with girlfriends as my models…

How can anyone with a shred of dignity try and SELL this GARBAGE? Ughhhh. Maybe it’s because it’s late but it’s REALLY bothering me right now… ok ok. Deep breaths. /rant