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Fauxtographers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.  While I was catching up on YANAP this morning a FB friend liked a photographer, and the name really grabbed my attention, so I HAD to check it out.

“God’s Gifted Photography & Productions”


What a name!  I strapped in and knew that this was going to be a good one and was not disappointed.  This guy has it all.  He covers both photography AND videography.  So let’s get to the shots!


His model looks like a streetwalker or homeless crazy person.  Her pose says to me “I’m just walking down the street and some guy in a car drove by and took my photo” not “I have been positioned in this crosswalk for a very specific shot by a photographer”.  And I’m sorry, I normally try not to judge the models and how they look, but what the hell is she wearing?  The whole wardrobe is horrible, but she does not need to be showing off her midriff!


Blessed Beyond Meausre?  Nice spelling there.


Random shots anybody could take with their cameraphone or P&S.


White balance issues, soft shot, and horrible vignette.


Glad nobody wanted to see the family behind the watermark!  Yet he still took the time to put their name at the bottom of the shot (I guess because you can’t see their faces through the watermark)


Has time to put vignettes, watermarks, and edge treatments, but doesn’t bother to remove the weird scar on the girls arm?


The fauxtographer himself in front of the camera.


Seriously weird color removal.  Looks like he tried to remove the green and blue channels, so red traces are all over the photo still.  The door in the back, her lips, the wood, her dress, etc.  And then he vignettes the shot so dark that his prom dates face disappears!


A little creative editing on a rainbow.


That one is from his personal page, but it shows that he continues to ignore grammar and spelling when he’s editing these photos.


This is his FB cover photo.  Pretty nice, right?  I thought it looked familiar so I did a Tineye search on it (great Firefox Plugin for photo searching) and got over a dozen hits.  This photo is on the Wikipedia page for Charlotte.  He jacked the photo from that and just superimposed Uptown Charlotte at the bottom.  Classy thief is classy and definitely doesn’t need to give credit to the actual photographer!


Another favorite, a “video” of July 4th fireworks.  Except it’s just a cheesy slideshow of his photos with some music tracks over it.  I’m definitely sold on his video abilities as well.

This guy is pretty young and has lots of time to improve, but until then I think I would have stuck to just posting these on your personal FB page until you got to a level where you would want to put your “business” name on them.