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Yep!  I have a natural light studio too.  One wall is glass.  Between small flash, strobes and continuous lights, I have 15 lights.  Still a natural light studio is available.  She has 40 acres, which in her neighbourhood is a tiny patch of land, and in my neighbourhood is a huge patch of land.  If I’m shooting outside, it’s “on location”, a fancy name for a park.

I may read more of her blog tomorrow.  I can’t remember how old my first child was when some photographer came around to take baby photos.  That was 33 years ago, give or take.  When I wasn’t interested, he wanted to know “Didn’t I want professional photos of my child?”

Being more into reportage than portraiture, the umbilical cord doesn’t bother me at all.  I have shot worse things.  I have probably even posted some.  Like beauty, gross is in the eye of the beholder.