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Wow props wtf, you scored a serious fauxtog on your first at bat.  You have stumbled upon a gold mine.  Congrats!  Cathleen’s Sentimental Photography has it all folks and I definitely want to highlight this one today!


First off, her about page is great:

“We do Family Portraits, Maternity Shots, Engagements, Newborn Shots in the hospital or at home, Infants, Children, Children’s Sporting Events, Weddings, Senior Portraits,Birthday Parties, Holidays and Special Occassions Photography and much more.”

The Occasions are so Special we don’t even spell it right!  Also I love that she has absolutely no specialization and has the gear to do basically everything that she can bring a camera to.

Advertising.  Cathleen is all about some advertising.  She apparently knows a thing or two about Photoshop (or Picasa, Instagram, whatever) and loves to make ads.  Props for being proactive and marketing, but some of these would make me run screaming to the hills.

Here is an for newborn photography.  $65 to have a stranger watch you give birth, and then take pictures with their camera phone!


In this photo I can’t tell what I love more, the generous application of selective coloring to various parts of the photo, the multiple borders and fonts/colors for the writing, or the child whose pose says I’m constipated and currently working on filling my diaper.  Actually, I’ve decided its none of these.  My favorite is the blur effect that was added to the house in the left side of the background.  I totally missed that house being there, thanks to the generous blur.  Its so much easier to just fix that stuff in post than actually composing your shot:


More selective coloring applied in about the laziest manner possible.


Not sure what the focus is supposed to be in this shot.  Guessing none at all?


Same here:


Not sure about the focal point, pose, or the reason for it being so overexposed:


A mothers love should be overexposed:


Magic levitating suitcases!


This expecting mother apparently suffered a tragic accident and only has a thumb on her left hand:






Thanks for keeping this SFW:


Animal Photography too:


Baby’s playing with Christmas lights:


Oh thank God she does Boudoir Photography too!!!  I don’t even know what to say for this, so I’m just posting the link to the album.


Last, but not least, our favorite fauxtog in the only slightly overexposed and grainy flesh, but with 4 borders AND a pink vignette:


I’m sorry I know I try not to make it too personal, but this lady might be the worst fauxtographer I have seen that didn’t make it to the front page.  Only because she has been on FB for a year with her page and seems to be doing a lot of shooting, editing and promoting of her page and even has a “studio”, yet she seems to have not developed at all in that time.  Instead she seems to have fallen into all of the typical “faux” traps.  Selective coloring.  Lots of vignettes and borders.  Cliche shooting locations.  Tons of props.  No eye for composition of the shot, realization on how to use the camera, or anything else for that matter.