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Like all of Jude’s friends, Joe, I pity you. From your actions and even your posts here it is obvious that you are a control freak. This all began because you were unable to tell somebody else what to do. And you let your control freak attitude affect your professional judgment and you let it continue to do so.

We now have credible threats of violence posted by you. It is laughable that you have threatened legal action, because as someone who works in a law office, I can absolutely tell you that at this point YOU are the only one that is able to have any legal action taken against them:

You have made a continuous trail of harassment (using multiple Facebook profiles) to harass somebody that has blocked you.

You have made threats of violence.

Lucky for you, Jude just thinks you are a joke, as does everybody else who has given any attention to this.


Here is a helpful link for you: http://www.yellowpages.com/hanover-pa/psychiatrist?from=SEMPS_GGL_Search_acct=Branding_Dynamicads_ad_level=High&gclid=CMK998T4qroCFUGd4AodUX0ASg#utm_campaign=SEMPS_GGL_Search_acct=Branding_Dynamicads_ad_level=High&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=psychiatrist+hanover%2C+pa

Please get some help, Joe.