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Charlie asked her only because I wouldn’t talk to her. She was a nasty bitch last year and I personally didn’t want them to come or return but we needed/wanted a 3rd vendor. Charlie is actually my bestfriend of 20 years. As for the turn out that was because of another event that popped up at Mc Daniel the day before and fucked us

The racist comment didn’t come from anything he just said, it came from him e-mailing my friend and calling his girlfriend a “half-breed”. As a COMPLETELY WHITE-PASSING biracial person, he has no idea what racism is like but he likes to use such words so he can seem cool. How unprofessional.


” Jude – Oh wait my gf told me you make racist posts… Never mind. That’s why she defriended you in under five minutes.

CrazyJow – yes I do make racist posts quite often. haha benefit of being a half breed myself like your gf is”

So yeaaahhh I guess i kinda did do something like that, what can I say. Oppppppppsssss hahaha


As for my friend stuttering – I didn’t notice that, but maybe he did. I have no idea. There was a band playing very loudly and maybe he didn’t hear you. But he did come up and talk to you right after and ask you a question. I know that for a fact, so he wasn’t avoiding you. But I guarantee you that you didn’t ask him anything about his girlfriend and whether or not she talked to him.

Actually I did….


And you still haven’t really responded to the fact that it’s completely unprofessional to ask somebody’s girlfriend to ask their boyfriend not to take photos and to restrict photos at a public event to begin with is a bit silly. You have no legal right.


I only asked her because I didn’t know who he was honestly. As for the public event legal stuff. Sue me…He’s lucky I didn’t grab him and throw into 140 like my buddies had talked about. It wasn’t just myself that didn’t want him there. It was also my 2 friends who I run this with. Last year we could smell him from across the parking lot. This year it wasn’t that bad but close enough.

As for the photos I busted those quick anyways and just played around for fun with them. Like I said to your friend Jude, Joehomeowner. You know how to contact me and I know for the most part what you look like now.