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Have to add:

Maternity shots with over-saturated colors making the hairs and stretch marks even more noticeable. (Of course the woman didn’t shave or bleach the hairs like she should have.) Ok, I have not been pregnant ever yet so I suppose maintaining grooming such as that might be difficult, but for god’s sakes at least do it for exposed belly maternity photos. AND even if she didn’t, and had horrible stretch marks, the photographer should be smoothing and photoshopping those out or at least minimizing them.

Photo captioned with “wow look at his amazing eyes!” where the eyes are completely out-of-focus. (Saw that tonight actually)

Engagement photos of redneck couple, sitting on their tailgate, shot at an upwards angle so as to accentuate double-chins even if they don’t really have double chins.

The tree-hugging pose.

Cute kid photo ruined by all the cars and stop signs in the background since it was shot at the only local park that the fauxtographers know to shoot in. (Such is true in my town, which is why I rarely shoot any sessions in that park, even though it has beautiful spots… everyone and their mother has photos taken in the same covered bridge and in front of the same fountain!) At least some of us put an effort into finding unique locations, some of which are private property that we’ve secured permission to be on.

Photo of kid wearing Elmo t-shirt where the fauxtog made the entire photo black-and-gray but left Elmo’s eyes in color.