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The AMAZING work of “CrazyJow”:



Seems like in the last year, he got worse?! How is that possible.


And hey, I was there for awhile, and I heard the other guy who set his stuff up ask the guy with the generator and one other guy for permission. And they both said he could do it. And they’re part of the group that hangs out with you so that means he got permission. In fact, he even ASKED the guy working the generator if he could speak to somebody in charge, and was given somebody by that guy.


The racist comment didn’t come from anything he just said, it came from him e-mailing my friend and calling his girlfriend a “half-breed”. As a COMPLETELY WHITE-PASSING biracial person, he has no idea what racism is like but he likes to use such words so he can seem cool. How unprofessional.

As for my friend stuttering – I didn’t notice that, but maybe he did. I have no idea. There was a band playing very loudly and maybe he didn’t hear you. But he did come up and talk to you right after and ask you a question. I know that for a fact, so he wasn’t avoiding you. But I guarantee you that you didn’t ask him anything about his girlfriend and whether or not she talked to him.

And you still haven’t really responded to the fact that it’s completely unprofessional to ask somebody’s girlfriend to ask their boyfriend not to take photos and to restrict photos at a public event to begin with is a bit silly. You have no legal right.