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I never said I didn’t like them 😉 Just un-block me so we can talk and quit running to the internet and whining, come to me and say it to my face.  Quit hiding behind something or someone else. The racist comment came from when I posted something about how watermelon is to blacks as tacos are to spanish people. So he said I was racist against Spanish people and black people. I’m half Spanish myself. Oh I’m not surprised the grammar thing came out and could really care less about that. Like I said to Jude several times. Quit acting like a bitch. I came up to you and tried to talk to you in person but you said 2 words. I tried to setup something to get some beers and talk this over. Lets do this like men. I’ll even buy the first round of beers. I’d just rather talk to a person face to face instead of spouting off on the internet and continually hiding behind my friends that’s all. If you’ve got such a huge issue with me say something to my face not behind my back. Only “bitches” (thanks Seth for clearing that up 😉 ) run their mouths behind someones back when they have the chance to do it to that persons face and turn it down.