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Hey Joehomeowner that’s because your friend Jude is a little bitch honestly. He likes to talk shit and then has his friends talk shit but when I confront him in person at the event, he stutters and runs off and then tries to act tough on the internet instead of being a man and talking to me in person. Tell him to take a shower and quit whining. I run the event. I am the organizer of the event. I know who you are now though. So no more worries about that one. Next time you guys decide to message the page during the event about me “harassing you” don’t get so butt hurt when we laugh at you and call you out again on it. You running right back to here yet again just only proves my point that yourself and Jude are whiney little bitch’s who can’t say something to my face when I confront you in person but instead need to run off to the internet to do. Seriously dude tell him to be a man. I even offered to give him my personal number and meet and talk about this like men no fighting or anything just talk but instead he just continued to bitch and whine and bitch and whine, call me a racist (I’m bi-racial) and all types of other stuff then finally block me. So again here is me extending an offer of talking to “Thaddeus Troublé Jude I” the little bitch that couldn’t. Next time Joehomeowner tell your friend to say more than 2 words and not to shake and stutter it doesn’t look good 🙂