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@iliketag i’ve been around, just haven’t been posting anything lol. nice to know i was missed lol.

i find it really annoying how people think that just because someone says something negative towards them makes them a troll or makes it harassment. when it’s neither.

i do think very few of his pictures could actually be decent if he didn’t have such horrible editing.

because of being lazy, i’ve been doing more editing lately than taking pictures…been having fun with picmonkey’s halloween editing tools. only using it while i’m still looking for my activation code for my main program. but because of my working with editing more right now, his editing style pisses me off even more when i look at it….why would someone want to look black and orange?

any sooo many of his pictures look like they were only taken from the inside of a car.  how lazy of a photographer can you be? not even getting out of the car and calling it photography. at least do it through an open window and pretend you got out of the car.

i sometimes worry about getting “called out” for posting to here, 3 people have found out they were posted here that i posted, but only one seemed to know my personal page to call me out of. I have my photography page listed with my profile here, but i’m just a hobbyist and i don’t often take portraits which is what most of these pages(here and facebook pages) make comments about, so i don’t think if my pictures are bad that i’ll get posted on them lol

okay enough ramble on my part