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Number 1, I actually didn’t report Foxtog’s FB page at all. Technically he/she isn’t violating terms of service by sharing images. Others have reported it and many are apparently inboxing dead animal photos to them. Ok, weird, but whatever.

Foxtog, the reason I called you out is that you’re just regurgitating everything here. This site is kind of dedicated to crappy fauxtography. It doesn’t publicly shame fauxtographers (though often they find out or see it here). When it’s shared or reposted on FB it shows up in the newsfeed and lots of people see it. You’ve also downloaded and used images posted here by the admins of this website to use as the image in your cover photos. Technically that’s violating copyright of their images unless they allowed you to use them.

The fact that I’m featured isn’t because I’m a fauxtog because I’m not, plain and simple. It’s because either someone else wanted to “get back at me” for supposedly being the admin (I don’t know who’s passing that around because it’s 100% not the truth) or it’s an attempt to prove me as not the admin. But a really lame one at that. And, you featured images aren’t all inboxed because most were just the same links people posted here. Jeez you’re full of shit.

Are you even a photographer? You aren’t using a lot of correct terminology and you can’t spell “fauxtography” right either.

I just didn’t like being linked there because it’s a stupid FB page. I could pull my image and re-upload I know.