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I am part of a FB photography group that has a lot of members and is very helpful for advice and questions. The members range from seasoned pros to beginner enthusiasts, and I offer lots of help. There is one particular member who posts for advice often and I feel like she’s a lost cause. She has actually been featured within these forums multiple times. For all the advice she’s gotten on the group page, it doesn’t show at all. She is definitely a fauxtographer. I mean kudos to her for asking lots of advice, but how is it not sinking in? Her photography is terrible. Her watermark is cheesy, she seems to be using pop-up flash (especially on babies and toddlers), she is building a studio with no knowledge on studio work, (fauxtogs seem to think that they will suddenly become better photographers once they build a studio), she gaussian-blurs the backgrounds on tons of stuff with terrible masking, uses a green screen with the digital backgrounds she purchased (WHY??) and they look terrible, and her posts and grammar on her page are not very professional. She does lots of weird editing. There were two portraits of a senior girl that were actually in focus and had nice, real backgrounds, but they are really underexposed. It actually could have been fixed with proper editing, but all the editing she cares about seem to be fake blurs and digital backgrounds!

I don’t really want to link her, but just wanted to say this. If she were an enthusiast I wouldn’t care, but she’s heavily advertising as a pro and pushing her wedding photography- which is the worst.