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@Foxtog- either you’re BSing here or on your FB page. I got a message that someone (several photogs apparently) think I admin your page and some other bash page. I message you that I’m annoyed that happened and that your page is just copying every link from here and copying the yanap owner’s own images that were posted on this website and you’re using them on your page. Personally, it seems redundant. Coincidentally, you post an image I shot that actually is a decent photo (gasp, I used the kit lens though). When I called you out on it for being sneaky, you said you were only doing it to clear my name as being the admin of your page. While that seems plausible, a more tactful way would be to message me and maybe post your own identity and/or at least the state you live in on that page. I just don’t like when people are two-faced.

I am nowhere near fauxtog status and I’m well-aware of it. I don’t appreciate being featured on your page. A fauxtographer is someone who lacks even basic skills or knowledge in photography, lacks proper equipment to do the job, yet advertises that they’re in the profession yet not delivering a consistent, quality end product. I’m not trying to be haughty or pretentious here.

And if I was actually submitted, I’m going to blame someone’s jealousy or bitterness thinking I was the admin.