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@Foxtog- you thought that one was bad? Lol.


For real though- Kourtney is local to me. I haven’t seen her post anything recently so maybe she got burned out. She “exhibited” at this shoddy art gallery once that went out of business within the first year (because the owner took anything and everything). I went to see her stuff out of curiosity and she showed me her camera- it was in her purse, and a PowerShot.  She apparently went to the tech college for graphic design but seeing her stuff she’s posted I have no idea how she passed or got her associate’s degree. My professors in college for similar courses would have instantly flunked someone for that work, and I am not exaggerating at all. Not even trying to be mean.

Side note- I received a message via my FB photography page tonight that said “So is it true you are the owner of two other community pages on Facebook that trash other photographers work?” I have no idea who the person is, she has a private profile, nor do I know how she made that conclusion. If it’s someone visiting this site, I DO NOT admin any other FB pages besides my professional one and a volunteer group page (not photography-related) nor do I post on those FB pages that trash photography. So you have the wrong person.