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Funny thing is on this is someone these People Blocked I don’t even know.

The ones I know.

Jonathan Parrish

Shonda Dyer Shaffner

Amy M. Dyer-Vincent

Allie Parrish

Jessica Dyer

Carla Dyer-Jeffers

Wendy Dyer-Smith

Katie Keeney Hicks

Linda Keeney-Dyer

Eric Dyer

Sandra Parrish-Straight (Sandra Straight)

Cheyenna Tayler

Frances Keeney

Kathy Williams

Michael Parrish

I know off but have not meet in real life:

Stephanie Parrish

Stacey Parrish

Mandy Parrish

Whitney Parrish Shemwell

Darrick Parrish

Cyeythia Parrish

Billy Parrish

Whats Funny is My Sister Janey M. Vincent

So kind of odd.