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Hwy I do have a life. Work a full-time good job and do photography on weekends. I’ve been booked up almost every weekend for the past few months. Just did senior pictures last weekend, got them done and edited in 2 days, now making lots of headway on these wedding photos. Maintain social life and keep my house clean, bills paid, car fixed, etc. That’s more of a life than you have Justine.

People have learning disabilities but they are NOT a cop-out. My ex had severe dyslexia and though he was embarassed by it at times he had kept a few jobs at any given time. It didn’t make him an idiot. Fighting for your SSI? Seriously you’re like the freaking lady my friend’s friend did a state welfare check on and said she wasn’t working because she had warts on her feet. When they suggested she get them removed she said no way “then I’d have to go to  work.” I have much disdain for those who think they deserve a handout and live off my hard-earned payckeck. In fact I really hate that but that’s a political discussion for another day and another forum. People need help sometimes, no issue with temporary help, but no one should expect the gov’t to support them or their kids forever.

And if that’s your sister then it sounds like you’ve done things to hurt your own family and that’s pretty sad.

None of us “know everything.” We are aware enough that learning and being open to it are far more the marks of intelligence. However we do know a lot about photography so we were trying to advise you to make a change in that…