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No, Cause The had there Little Sister send me a Message. I mean come on there little Sister


Libby Swartz

September 4
Libby Swartz

You need to leave my sister the fuck alone and my cousin saree

I mean really..

That is Wrong.


Then Yes, I commented on her page.

Then, I find out they talk about me to someone. Which I have that too. That is Harassment!!

This is Harassment. This is Stupid.

Plus, I don’t need Help. Plus, If you read right. Me & My Soon to be husband has been with me Sence 2011. We have never spent anytime a part. Sence. People, Lieing saying he was with a Chick who We have a Restring outer out on her.

&  Like I said I want nothing do do with anyone. I am happy & don’t need any meds. or & crap like that. Thanks. Plus, Your Words. are nothing to me. I have said what I need to say. I have done what I need to do. I’m Out. Do what ever you need to do. I am going to Still be me. Sence I have a LIFE to Live & You all like to talk & stuff about People.

& I don’t its what they want to do with there pictures. They can. Live them Be.

God Bless You all.