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You blocked me on Facebook yet you requested to be my contact on Flickr? I did not add you mainly because I think you will try to use it against me in some way. If your intention was what I advised and to get critiques on your photos, that’s one thing. But I don’t really want to take that chance. If you actually want to start a thread in these forums and link some of your images from Flickr to a critique request, I’d gladly critique it.

That is a pretty extensive block list. No one should have a reason to have that many people blocked.

You have basically incriminated yourself by re-linking those screenshots of you harassing, stalking, posting, etc. that Domilyne originally posted. Whether or not those accounts are now gone makes no difference; you still DID and SAID those things. You can’t always cover your tracks, as people have proven to you. People will save screenshots when things go awry. What you did was extremely haste, disrespectful, desperate, and nasty. No wonder why Magpie’s and anyone associated with her want you out of their lives!

Awhile back someone linked a website that ousted copyright infringers here. It basically calls out photo thieves and gets them to finally fess up and apologize. But that damage has already been done. They’ve ruined their business futures and in some cases ruined their lives due to the negative publicity. And NONE of that negative publicity or people saying what they did was illegal or harassment, because it was the truth. They dug their graves. You can apologize and make excuses for your illegal and reprehensible behaviors but you’re an adult and you need to take responsibility for your actions BEFORE you do them. You can print all of this and show it to “Lawyer Bill” until you run out of breath, but the thing is, none of us have done anything illegal or what could be considered harassment. I did see a post about someone calling your phone at 1 a.m. which could be considered harassment. I don’t know who that was. MsBitch (who I’m still not sure if it’s just another one of your aliases or someone else with a potty mouth and just as bad spelling as you) went over the line in her last post.

This is a freaking soap opera.

Justine, I gave you some advice in a previous post. Here’s more:

Stop. Just freeze. You’re only making it worse. Delete your alternate profiles. Delete all the photos not taken by you from your groups and pages on Facebook. (even the ones you edited and had permission from your family to do so; it’s still illegal.) Stop advertising that you will take pictures for money. (Advertising that you are offering a service for payment is being a “professional” regardless of the quality.) Post a huge public apology and say you are starting over and you’ve made mistakes. Delete your gofundme web pages asking for money. Really, it might benefit you to step away from the internet and become Amish for a month. If you have real dreams of becoming a photographer, do what I said before. Take some photos with intent and post just a few on Flickr and ask for critiques. Tell people you are building a portfolio and would like to be a professional photographer someday. Don’t charge money. Being a photographer is about providing a service to people that they cannot provide themselves- considering expertise and equipment. Why would you charge someone to take pictures of their kids with your little Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot, when they could undoubtedly take a better photo with their iPhone? It’s not right, and it won’t get you anywhere. We’re not telling you to give up on being a photographer here.