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No, I left them alone. I was done with them when they told me to live them alone but yet they keep calling I have a Cell Phone print out with there numbers on it cause the Police called there numbers & they answered & asked why they where.

But, Saying I have lost my kid of what ever reason (WHICH I HAVE NOT!) You don’t know me & Never will. & If you did know me you would know that I am ONE PERSON! I don’t have 30x number of Facebooks, Yes, I have looked on hear. But, I did not know how to make a thing until now.

So NEXT?????????

& I have a everything Printed out From this page. Have a case & I have everything from Ms. Craig’s Facebook & Ms. Crook’s Facebook where the keep messaging me. I don’t like there page anymore. Look it up.  Before opening your Mouth to LIE!

But, make sure you have anuff INFO to state everything first before you thing  its me. & Before you say a Stupid Lie stating I has my son taking away from me. I don’t have to wore about PEOPLE talking about my page. As I know I am NOT A PRO! (& To state I know a Lot of People that have a Point & Shoot that charge. (NOT JUST ME!)

But, This just shows You all have WAY to MUCH TIME on your ALL’s Hands just to look up people’s Pages & Say how BAD or How STUPID they are. Have your all not stop & say why am I take time out of my Day to Look up that when I could be LIVING my OWN LIFE’s?

See I am not saying anything Bad about anyone. But, When People talk about ME (DON’T care to Much about my PAGE.) I will go off. Bcause, Your not setting right by me. or your Not watch ME & if you are that is NASTY!

But, 1st I am NOT a PRO! So Please Live me alone with that.


3rd Going & saying LIES about me stating I has my Child taking about or stating I am watching someone’s page or some kind of Crap like that I will jump in. Cause you don’t now CRAP about me.