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“4. I have stoped Counting Ms. Criag & Her Family (But, They keep counting me & Commenting on my page. Which now I have them Blocked. Where I want nothing to do with them. I have took the picture of them off my page as well. So that is that.”

Hmmm… if you call making several profiles and re-liking their page when they ban you, and commenting on their page over and over again, setting up fake shoots that they show up to and you never do, and harassing them so bad they have to actually call the police to get you to lay off and even that only lasts 24 hours then I supposed you did stop…..

Also, if someone already has you blocked you cannot see them to block them.

Ugh please just do a favor and take the advice you were given and check into some type of counseling for some help. It might give you a better outlook on life. You really should be spending this time with that beautiful son of yours instead of sitting on the internet harassing people.

Also if you want to pose as someone new, try spelling correctly with the new account. That would really throw people off.

wtf, she is trying with BitchPLZ 1468