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Yep, I have one now that I fighter out how to use this thing.

I’m Not as Great. But, I am Trying as a Photographer!

September 29, 2013 at 8:51pm

 I know there is stuff going on about Monkaying Around Sweet Photography (About),

It’s on (You Are Not a Photographer), Thats why everyone is comimg to my page to say how Stupid I am, But, There is something I want to clear up BIG time.

1. I have ONE Facebook (Justine Danielle Parrish)

2. I am not Scaming anyone. (If people want me to take there Picture’s okay I will.) Just ask.

3. Yes, I had Friends. That are NOT my Friends anymore, Because of my old Page. “Little Blessing Photography” (Which I did not know there was someone out there with that name. & Yes, I did take pictures from that page after I found out that there was someone with that page. But, That is all over Now. So the People that was my Friends took me off there Facebook & Yes, I was asked before Magpie’s was ask to take My Friends Pictures. But, They had a Car & could get to where My Friends lives (Me I could not). So I was okay with there Pictures being taking by Magpie’s. I was NOT mad.

4. I have stoped Counting Ms. Criag & Her Family (But, They keep counting me & Commenting on my page. Which now I have them Blocked. Where I want nothing to do with them. I have took the picture of them off my page as well. So that is that.

5. I have made the Cutest Kid Contest to be NICE. Not to take anyone’s Pictures. (Because after the Contest is over they Pictures will be gone from the Contest. (But, Yet I know that I would not put myself in that hole again taking other’s Pictures.)

6. I  know I am not Professional. Yes, The Picture I have are just of my Family. Who I really care for. I Love my Family.

7. I have NEVER Lost my Son for any reason. So who ever you get your INFO from is Lieing to you! Ask my Family!!

8. I don’t care what anyone says & I am telling the Truth. You don’t know me Nore you have not been in my Place.

I am doing something I like to do. Don’t Like it Live.

9. I have a bit of Trouble Spelling (Sorry If you thing that is Bad). No, Can’t get a really Job because of it. But, God gets me Through it.. I am Fighting for my SSI right now.

I am Fat, But, I am a Great, Kind Hearted, Loving Person (ask anyone)!!!!!!!!

Foreal go ahead ask. I aslo am a Mommy’s Girl & Happy for it.

10. The only PICTURE I have on my Facebook is the one yes, By Walmart yes (But, when you get the C.D they can’t follow you around & say you can’t do that. or Don’t do that. & I have asked my Family if I could Play with the Pictures & They have said yes. (Bad, Take it up with them.)

11. My Friend Marissa wants to be a Part of this. She is wanting to work for Free!

The Picture of the Twin Tower was from Google yes, But, Because I wanted to have it on there to remember 9/11. (Bad, Then everyone need to take there pictures off there Facebooks before you all get in Trouble for something you all took off of Google.!)

But, There. Yes, I watch The (You Are Not A Phptpgrapher).

Yes, I am Shure this will be on there too. But, Go a Head. I don’t Care. Talk about me. It’s NOT Hurting me at all.

God Bless!