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I have decided to do this from an anonymous standpoint so here goes. Justine is actually that bitch up there… I mean yes she is a bitch but the username is what I am referring to.

She has over 30 fake profiles on facebook and no telling how many on here. She is being investigated by the FBI for her harassment on other people. I have talked with the owner of Magpie’s and found out they have done all their work for free as they as still in school and do not feel the need to charge people when they themselves do not feel up to par. They also work a lot with the locals and help the less fortunate and those low income who could not afford pictures otherwise.

If you were to look through their pictures you can see improvement over time. The album with the lady holding a cigarette, her husband and her were renewing their vows and they wanted their pictures just like that. It is tacky I will admit but to each their own. Magpie’s was asked as a  friend to take some pictures of them, so she did, Justine was the best friend of the lady holding the cigarette. She got jealous she was not asked to take the pictures (not asked because she uses her phone) thus, her photography or lack their of was born! She started out using a page called “Little Blessing Photography” in which she went to another page called the same thing and not only ripped off their name but their pictures and posted them on her page, claiming she took them. She was caught and when she was she claimed her “assistant” did it and she had no part in it. Subsequently her page was shut down.

Next, she made this page and threw a contest (which she has saved the pictures of some of the children and the parents from their facebooks and developed fake profiles using them too). She has an assistant which is another profile of hers on there. She has had herself deleted from several groups on facebook for image theft and stalking members. She is currently doing that to the owner of Magpie’s. I looked over the page and nowhere did I see where she claimed to be a professional.

Moving on to Justine again, which is where a lot of the topic seems to come from lately. She made a profile with a fake military man and took pictures of triplets from the UK born entirely too early, and survived. She claimed these were his children and that one had passed away. SICK WOMAN!! She puts random pictures of babies she claims are hers and dead on pages she makes or that she gave birth to and they went to family members to take care of. She has 5 profiles herself and has made one for her boyfriend in which she argues with herself on there and her family members defend her not knowing they are defending her from her. CONFUSED YET??????

Everything about this woman makes me sick. Most of her pictures of her child you can clearly see he is not being cared for properly. Always dirty and the house if filthy! Not to mention her attitude is horrid! She will delete you if you disagree with her at all or write anything she does not like. It is ridiculous. She got an app on her android and text a few people from different photography sites over and over again and when they returned calls they were to people who had no idea what they were talking about. She also has lied to police and continues to find ways around facebook’s policies. Her own sister admits she needs help and has offered her address to stop her from hurting others.

She has lost her child already for these things. I feel like a regular old Sherlock digging up this info so easily!! Justine, my advice to you? Stop stalking people, get into a class if you want to take pictures, or do not claim to be legit and delete those extra profiles. The FBI? That is scary don’t you think? And no joke! They can recover posts you delete and profiles you delete and it would be best for yourself and your child if you just got rid of this shit and tried to better yourself. If you do need the mental help seek help, it would look better on you for admitting it then to keep fucking with all these people!